Design Process

Secondary Research

In 2016 there were 2.9 million single parents in the United Kingdom,

representing an 18.6% increase in single parents since 1996, (Great Britain. Office for National Statistics 2016)

The poverty rate for lone-parent families in 2016 was more than double the Canadian average – almost 30 per cent of people in lone-parent families were in poverty compared to an average of 11 per cent for the Canadian population

Problem Statement

According to secondary research, Women account for 86% of single parents with dependent children, the average age of a single parent is 38 years of age, with approximately 60% of single parents caring for one dependent child. Because of this single mothers facing issue to manage their household finances Because either its too time consuming or non efficient.


I believe that single mothers are facing time Management, financial, juggling between work and responsibility issues. However this can be resolved by having a digital solution so they can be organized.

I will know I’m right when 20 out of 30 single mothers confirm that they face these issues.

Hypotheses Statement

I believe that providing time management platform, where single mothers can check availability of appointment for daycare online for frequent check ups and drop off and tracking their expenses bills will save their time and money.

I will know If this is true when single moms manage to show up at work 14% to 55% regularly, show their savings increase from 9% to 26% and reduce their total expenses from 15% to 7% within 3 months.

User Interviews


Q Walk me through when you faced difficult situation where you need financial assistance?

Ans I was out of rent for few months so I talked to my landlord about it. He didn’t like it as he was waiting for few months and started threating for eviction. I manage to get some help from my friends and family.

Q. Can you walk me through some of your days where you feel challenge for being a single mother and struggling with finances?

Ans Yes some of the days I needed to get my kids a stroller and other few grocery items, I did get those but it ends up increasing my credit card and I didn’t how to pay as I had no savings..

Q What would be ideal scenario of dealing with finances? 

Ans where she can manage her finances efficiently and avoid interest, unwanted charges due to being late on payments and losing track of due dates. Where she can manage time to work more hours and spend time with kids.

Time and Finances management (Chosen theme):

Juggling work, parenting, and household responsibilities leaves little time for financial planning, making it difficult to prioritize time, financial goals and make informed decisions.

How Might We?

How might we help single mothers, so they can save their time that can be spend with their kids and can track their finances to make decisions accordingly?


Name: Linda

Archetype: Single Mother

Age: 35

Education: Fashion Designer

Location: Toronto Ontario

Occupation: Part Time food server

Salary: $1500/month


“ I would really love to care of my kids and myself with efficient system, in order to fulfill my family time. “

Linda is a single mother of two children. She has been working as a part time food server in a restaurant. She finds it hard to manage everything on her own that includes taking care of kids and doing house chores with work for her condition. She face challenges of job security as she takes quite few days off from work.


Her time is consumed by taking care of kids and household responsibilities.

Unable to manage time during weekdays only get much free time over weekends.

Taking time off from work due to kids.

Not making doctors trips when its essential.


Struggling to manage finances.

Hard to manage time when taking care of kids and working.

Having fear of job security due to significant time off from work.


Wants to avoid unwanted expenses due to lack of organizing

Wants to manage time so it doesn’t conflict with her work and kids responsibilities.

Wants to apply for more governments benefits program for security

Able to manage things so she can take care of her kids properly while taking care of herself

Task Flow

Setting up a pre - authorized payment can be a good way of saving time and money. Where user can avoid late payment fee. Its more of a direction of

performing two tasks by one.

Inspiration take aways

show multiple analytics

in one screen that can open

in their own screens. Good chunk of information in one page

Bar diagram can show a lot

on period base stats

circle diagram that can explain alot from just one diagram. Holds valuable information for users.

Good way of showing saving goals by showing bars and remaining amounts

Line chart can show where user is standing

Plain login page